Saturday, 27 February 2010

i've had a very long and somewhat frustrating day dealing with my toddler. gah. turns out the two heads of broccoli i bought for super cheap from the crazy vegstand lady really need using up. 50p for two super nice bunches, total bargain. in the grocery store that would have set me back at least £2. so i cleaned the broc up and got rid of the nasty bits. one head i decided to add to a batch of baked mac and cheese. the other head i set aside for husband's dinner.
so homemade mac and cheese, i don't really have a written recipe for this. i just add stuff to the pan and hope for the best.

2 tablespoons butter or marg
2 tablespoons flour
whole wheat pasta of some kind- penne, fusilli
steamed broc
grated cheddar cheese
bread crumbs
oven proof dish/bowl

ok, now here's what i do. i get a pot to cook the pasta in. i put water in the pot and set it on a burner to heat up. over the pot i put a colander(strainer) holding my  broc. i put a lid over the broc so it's covered. while the water is heating up and later cooking my pasta, the broc is getting steamed. you kill two birds with one stone. i just give the broc a light steam, you don't want to cook it too much since it's going in the oven later. when it's done i set it aside. i let the pasta cook until almost done, again doesn't have to be totally cooked because- oven. i strain the pasta and set that next to the broc. now in the pot i cooked the pasta in, i put that back on the stove. i add the marg in and let it melt. when it's melted i add the flour. mix it up and you have a thick paste. i stir it around the pot a bit and let it cook for a few minutes. i add in about 1/4cup of milk and stir things around with a whisk. the marg/flour paste blends into the milk and you get really thick milk. then i slowly add more milk and whisk some more. i add milk about a 1/4 cup at a time and let it cook a bit until i get a nice white sauce that's not too think and not too thin. when the mix looks to be the right consistency i turn off the heat and add the grated cheese. how much cheese? i don't know i've never really measured. try 1 1/2cups and see how you like it. the cheese melts really quickly. give it a good whisk and add the broc and pasta. dump everything in your oven proof dish, top with some breadcrumbs and bang it into an oven for like 30 to 45min at 350.

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