Thursday, 15 July 2010

slowly getting back into the swing of things here. restarting the $75 a week food budget on saturday. (this week i've been restocking supplies to normal levels. i haven't been keeping track but i'm probably at around $100.) my son got back from his vacation yesterday. i've been doing some cooking this week, trying out a few new things.
since my inlaws are here i decided to pull out the large chunk of pork i've had in my freezer for awhile. it kind of looks like an unsmoked piece of ham with a thick fat cap. i don't know what pig part it's supposed to be. anyway i'm doing pulled pork bbq sandwiches for dinner with coleslaw and i guess french fries. i've got my starter recipes off and modified them.
bbq sauce:
now i guess the traditional way is to cook the pork separate and then add to the bbq sauce just before serving. we'll see how it goes. i have made the bbq sauce before- with my own additions and it turns out really nice and lasts ages in the fridge.
going to go with this slaw recipe:
i've got an ass load of cooking still to do and don't feel like bullshitting around with fancy slaw.
also doing a batch of granola bars today.

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