Friday, 20 August 2010

spinach roll. i didn't take a picture of this dish, i just freaken inhailed it. soooo damn good. this thing is totally half assed. basically i needed to use up the spinach and couldn't be bothered to concentrate so i threw this together. you get two servings

1/4 bag of spinach cleaned(washed and i remove the stems)whatever you have leftover in the fridge looking sad and wilted
handful of feta cheese
phyllo dough( i use the premade stuff from the grocery store.)
sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, basil, garlic paste
chopped onion, chopped bell pepper
saute the onions, garlic paste and bell pepper for about 10 min. add the spinach. spinach cooks quick
the phyllo dough comes rolled up, there are like 15 sheets. i unrolled the dough counted 5 sheets and then cut the 5 sheets in half. i rolled up the dough i wasn't using and stuck it in the freezer. so i had a square of dough 5 sheets thick. i brushed some oil on a baking tray and laid the dough down. in the center for the dough i placed my spinach mixture. i sprinkled some garlic powder and basil over top along with some sea salt and black pepper. i crumbled a bunch of feta on last. now for the tricky part. basically i rolled this thing up like a barrito. i folded up the top and bottom then i rolled it from left to right. with the roll coming to rest on the seam. since the tray was brushed with oil this got on the dough, saving me the trouble of having to brush it again before baking. i put this thing in the oven at 200degrees C and baked until the top got crispy and brown. 1/2hr or so? i wasn't paying attention.
note be careful with the sea salt. you just need a tiny bit if any. the feta is salty on it's own. i don't use salt much in my cooking so this was almost too salty for me.

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