Thursday, 8 April 2010

brussel sprouts
last week i scored a huge bag of brussel sprouts for 50p. the veg lady was selling them cheap because they were old. and then we had to go away for easter. so i've had 2lbs of old brussel sprouts sitting in my fridge, looking pathetic. the husband has been hacking and gagging every time he opens the fridge. i went through the bag today and took care of the problem. all things consider the sprouts are not in bad shape. cleaning 2lbs of sprouts is a real pain in the ass. i cooked them up and they look great. i even ate a couple, taste just fine. i'm going to freeze most of them for easy use later. cooking sprouts: you need the water to be boiling hard. add some salt and some baking soda to the water- cook away. the baking soda helps keep the green color. cook until tender. before mine went in the water they were this sad yellow color. after cooking, they are a pale green. one batch i'm going to mash up in some potatoes for a good side dish.

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