Thursday, 22 April 2010

the inlaws are leaving this evening. i don't have to worry about cooking anything for them. i did make them a banana bread to take home with them, and a few others to give the rest of the family which live down the street: my brotherinlaw and aunty pat.(that's 3 banana breads) for my husband tonight i will make a chicken and veg stir fry served over noodles. quick and easy. not sure what i will have for dinner. i need to make a pot of veg soup but right now there is no room in our fridge or freezer to put anything.
went shopping today. i needed to get more walnuts for banana bread. i was very unhappy to see my local branch of julian graves is closing down to become a GNC. (gnc are their parent company, they also own the health food store holland and barret.) ugh. julian graves has the best prices on nuts, dried fruit and spices/seasoning. i am sooo annoyed. so i had to go to holland and barret to buy walnuts as graves was sold out of them. freaken £1 more expensive. i did stock up on a few things from graves since everything was 1/2 off and the guy gave me an additional 20% discount since he knows me. i bought a few things at tesco today too, baking stuff.
making a batch of granola bars later. first- nap.

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