Saturday, 10 April 2010

i bought a crockpot, or slow cooker if you will. i've wanted one for ages. now i could very easily go to the store and buy a brand new one but i'm not that kind of shopper. there are very few things that i buy brand new. i try to buy as much as possible used. in england the best place to find usable pre-owned goods are charity shops.(thrift stores) used electrical goods must by law be tested before being sold in a charity shop. so while out on my daily walk around town i stopped in at a one day charity sale for the cats protection group. they're like a no kill shelter for homeless cats, very good cause. they didn't have much on offer but this huge crockpot caught my eye. my god it's huge. but it's only £5 and i really want one. oh what the hell. so i bought it.
also did the usual saturday morning shopping with the husband and the car. i kept the receipts. i'm waiting on my new printer/scanner to show up this week. once it gets here entering receipts will be so much easier. 
total spend for saturday is £33.08
including £5.16 on a bottle of vodka. now why would a person who doesn't drink need a bottle of vodka? for my homemade vanilla extract project of course. i used a 35cl bottle(the smallest one i could find in the grocery store and 2 vanilla pods split in half length wise.
vanilla extract

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