Saturday, 17 April 2010

saturday shopping today. spent £12.65 at sainbury's and £11.57 at aldi. also filled up the car with gas, spending £20.59. hopefully we won't have to fill up again for a month or more.
our house is seriously stocked full of food so we just picked up some top ups and random snacks. tonight's dinner will be bbq chicken with red beans and rice and corn fritters. i have assorted things that need to be used up in the fridge and i think that's the most interesting use of resources. tomorrow is going to be a chicken/veg stir fry over ramen noodles.
the next few weeks and months involve some traveling. when we travel we try to empty the house of food. so i will do my best to keep food purchases down until july. we'll see how that goes.
 i thought i would do a little comparison for the US folks. here you see a box of UK produced oreo cookies. i put a can of soup in there for a size reference. they were on sale for 44p- half price, so i got them for a little treat. this is the only size box you can buy. you get 16 cookies.

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