Tuesday, 13 April 2010

today i bought an ice cream maker. i'm not a huge ice cream fan so why would i buy such a thing? it's aimed at little kids. it's plastic and you crank the handle. the paddles go around and stir the mix. ice cream is eventually produced. i have a toddler who looooves to spin things, crank things, watch things go around. he also loves ice cream. i figure this could be a fun thing to do this summer. best of all it was only 50p. yup, that's right. 50p bought me a like new ice cream maker in the box. it really doesn't look like it's ever been used. i washed all the parts. i'm thinking if i can get the drum in the freezer tonight, i can make banana splits tomorrow. you know, test it out and see how it works, plus use up the bananas i have sitting around.
tonight is leftovers.

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