Wednesday, 10 March 2010

did a little shopping last night and some this morning
  • orange juice 2ltrx2 £1.44, buy 2 for £2.50
  • muller jelly £1.50
  • muller yogurt £1.50 buy 2 for £2.50
  • aero X2 .50
  • frozen chicken breast £2.99
  • oven chips £1
total spend £9.99

vegstand £2.50 got two huge heads of fresh broccoli, 4 pink grapefruit, and a bag of pears

sainsbury's .47 for a fresh mozzarella ball
so that's £12.96

i got the aero chocolates because my motherinlaw is visiting for a few days. she loves milk chocolate and the aeros were half price. oven chips were on sale. it's only a small bag but plenty to last until our saturday shop when i can get a bigger bag for cheap. frozen chicken breasts were also half off. 4 breasts in the bag. any time i can spend £1 or less per breast i am happy. they are good ones too nothing added but water. some frozen breasts have all kinds of bulking crap added to them in addition to a load of salt.
making calzones for dinner tonight. i'm going to try making cheese straws too for another snack item. i dug up a recipe on and will be modifying it to my needs.

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