Monday, 22 March 2010

today has been absolutely exhausting. toddler gave me the run around all day long. still managed to do some cooking. did my puff pastry tart and a batch of chicken fingers for the freezer.
  • tiramisu £1.98
  • chicken fillets(reduced) £2.79
  • .75% milk .65
  • pears .76
  • gelatin leaves £1.22
total spend £7.40. i didn't really need tiramisu but i want the tray it comes in for my new veg peeling scrap tray. being that it's tasty is just an extra bonus.

so puff pastry tart thing. i pulled a block of frozen puff pastry out of the freezer. i let it thaw and cut it in half. i put one half on a lightly floured surface and put the other half in the fridge for use tomorrow.

i rolled out the hunk of pastry to roughly 9x13inches and put it on my baking tray. i poked it with a fork all over and put it in a preheated oven at 220degreesC for 10min.

while the pastry was cooking i chopped up some red onion, courgette(zucchini), eggplant(aubergine), green pepper, and half the goat cheese roll i got yesterday for cheap. i put the veggies in a bowl and mixed them together with a splash of olive oil, some cracked black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and a bit of thyme.

i took the tray out and the pastry had shrunk a bit- little surprising. i've never used this brand before. not a big deal though. i spread the veggie over the pastry and then placed the goat cheese slices around.

i put the tray back in oven and cooked at 220degreeC for 15min or so. i turned down the heat to about 180degreeC and cooked for another 10min. i then turned the oven off and left the tray in there. i checked on it from time to time while it was cooking to make sure it wasn't burning, no trouble.

chicken tender, fingers, nuggets
i make my own. they taste waaaaay better than pre made stuff you can buy in the store. basically you need some fresh chicken breast, pieces, mini fillets. i use basic corn flakes (basic is the english word for generic, cheapest of the cheap. i get a huge box for 49p, that's like $1.) crunch the corn flakes up to fine crumbs. i use my huge stainless steal ladle. mix some milk and a beaten egg together. lastly i get some flour and mix in some random seasoning. ok. dip the chicken in the milk mixture.

dip into the flour mixture and then dip into the milk mixture again. finally put in the crushed cornflakes, cover well and press down firmly so the cornflakes really stick. i use my fist. get all the chicken done like that and pop in your freezer. done.

take out as needed. i usually let the tenders thaw for a few hours and then shallow fry. i finish cooking them off  with about 5-8min in the oven. they make really great, good god i have no idea what to feed my husband dinners.

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