Friday, 19 March 2010

it's friday. tomorrow is our big trip to the grocery store in the car.  most of today i will be working on menu ideas and getting my list together. i really need to find a place i can source dried herbs in bulk. i use a ridiculous amount. i'll send a note to my bortherinlaw and see if he still has a costco membership. been buying random cookbooks recently. yesterday i got the higher taste. it's vegetarian and put out by the hare krishnas. i flipped through and there are some great looking dishes in there. i also picked up bite of seattle, it's from the 80's and features signature dishes from some of the more famous/popular restaurants in that city. lots of seafood dishes in there. not sure how much use it will be but it was only 20p. then lastly i picked up heavenly feasts and burnt offerings which was put out as a local church fund raiser- about 30 years ago. i like those kinds of books, gives you an idea of what locals make and eat. you can get some great old family recipes that way.
i've got lemons that need using up. next week lemon cheese cake is on the list, but i'm going to try and dig up something lemon and easy to make today.
tesco shopping
  • .75% milk .65
  • basic liquid hand soap X2 .38
  • basic mouth wash .45
total spend at tesco £1.86

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