Sunday, 7 March 2010

no more cooking for me today. the husband has decided he wants to cook a bunch of stuff. he's going to do a thai green curry with chicken and a cottage pie. we're going to try and eat as much out of our freezer this week as possible. having the freezer too full aggravates the icing up issue we have. so he's pulled out chicken and ground beef for his cooking fun. i was going to make soup today but meh. i can do it tomorrow.
i fed the boy a mixture of ratatouille and bolognese sauce with 1/2 a piece of toast crumbled in and a light sprinkle of moz cheese. he devoured it. he also got a small apple and 1 of the granola bars. he seems to be full now. i made myself some english comfort food- baked beans on french fries with grated cheddar cheese on top. total carb load

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