Monday, 29 March 2010

  • plain chocolate X2 .27
  •  sour cream .78
  •  frozen chips(french fries) £1.12
  •  potato chips £1.16
i splashed out on some potato chips. i thought for lunch i would do a cheese sub, potato chips make a cheese sub taste that much more awesome.
cheese subs are super easy. bake a partbaked baguette. chop up what you want to go inside- let, tom, onion, grated cheese.
spread out the length of the bread. i sprinkle a little smokey salt and black pepper over the cheese. i don't use mayo, but like a light spreading of butter on my bread. put the roll over the filling.
pinch firmly, i put my hands on either end and spread the fingers out so most of the roll is pinched closed and roll the sub over. most of the filling should be safely inside the roll. pick up whatever got left behind and stuff it in on top.
i have made more than my fair share of subs and this is one of the quickest, easiest ways to fill one. if you press the filling down with the back of your knife and then cut, it compacts things a little and the filling is less likely to spill out while you eat.

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