Tuesday, 16 March 2010

phew. it's 9pm and i'm cooking. the motherinlaw went home so we will be back to our normal routine tomorrow. went to the movies this afternoon and saw shutter island. on the way home i was going to stop at pizza hut for a couple of pizzas. i know my motheinlaw enjoys a good pizza. unfortunately the movie ran long and didn't have time to get some and get home before she had to leave. stopped at iceland instead because they have the best price on our favorite frozen pizzas. while walking around the store i noticed a lot of meat was reduced for quick sale. i am a sucker for cheap meat. picked up some frying steak and 2 packs of giant chicken breast that were all marked 1/2 off. made pizza and sent my motherinlaw off on her train with a few slices.
husband got home early for once. he had his pizza. decided to get a chicken casserole and a beef stew in the oven to take the load of my cooking plans for tomorrow. recipes and further updates tomorrow. it's family time.

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