Wednesday, 17 March 2010

i think it's safe to say my $75 a week food budget is blown apart this week. curse you cheap meat.
tesco stop today
  • 1ltr whole milk .85
  • coco powder £1.48
  • bananas £1.34
  • dark choc .27
total spent £3.94
iceland shopping from the other day(CHEAP MEAT!)
  • frying steak £2
  • chicken (850g) £2.50 X2
  • cheese pizza X2 £3
total spent £13.00
monday i hit tesco twice.
  • can of chili £1.37
  • muller jelly X2 £1
  • white bread  .70
  • walker crisps £1.16
  • frozen chicken £2.99
so that's £8.22total
muller jelly is the english version of jello. it's made with fruit juice and no added sugar. my son gets it as an after dinner treat. i needed a can of chili to make nachos. i could have made chili but i spent monday relaxing and didn't think about what my husband was going to have for dinner until 6pm when i came up with- nachos.
i think that brings the blog up to spead. tonight's dinner for me is left over ratatouile with a warm baguette. the husband is having kung po chicken from a dinner kit, you add chicken and veggies to whatever is in the box. think fancy chicken helper.
i'm also making another flourless chocolate cake but i'm holding off until later so i don't eat the whole thing before my husband gets home.

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